Our Story

Let me tell you a secret: Two Daisies begun with two ankle reconstructions.

Let's go back to the beginning.

I've always been a very active person. I love playing netball, basketball, swimming, cycling and running—the classic Weet-Bix tryathlon being one of my first triathlons. 

In 2016, while playing netball, I twisted my ankle. This led me to needing a full ankle reconstruction. While in the recovery phase I managed to twist it again, leading to second ankle reconstruction in 2017.

The mental challenge of all of this was real! It's only when you can't do sport that you realise how hard you should try when you're able to push your limits!

As any of my fellow parents know, sitting still just isn't in our nature. But there I was, bound to the couch as my ankle healed, unable to move, however my mind sure was.

While I was recovering and feeling low, I read one of Steve Gurney books called Lucky Legs. Something in that book has always stuck with me and I wish to share it with you in hope it can help you too!

If you are determined enough you can do anything, never, never give up.

In my 20's I discovered my true passion for cycling. I brought my first road bike and cycling became a go-to. My goal before my injury was to compete in the famous Coast to Coast multisport event held in my beautiful home country of New Zealand, covering 243 kilometres, which involves a mixture of cycling running, kayaking. After my ankle reconstructions I was advised running on rocky ground was not recommended. Feeling a little down after not achieving what I set out to do! I put my name forward to join a team and Id do the cycling, 4 months before that race in 2019 I received an email, the joy that email brought to me was powerful. From that moment 3 strangers formed a group called, trio troopers to go on, placing 3rd in the two-day women's 3 person team, troopers for life. Of course I was wearing my brightly colored cycling top I had made as a sample that year!

Moral of the story is believe in yourself, you can do anything you put your mind too.

I found it hard finding bright, unique styles of clothing to ride in. It was just the same styles over and over. Black, grey, navy. As a fan of colour, pattern, and fun, it just wasn't my style. 

That's when the idea popped into my head: Why not create my own brand of bright, unique, cycling apparel? It was as simple as that.

From here I dug in. I began years of sampling garments, fabrics, styles, prints. All the while I noticed a little set of eyes watching me the whole time. 

My daughter Charlee, now seven years old, was just as enamoured with the process as I was. She loved the fabrics, the patterns, the process and creating videos of course.

It wasn't until after her first triathlon that she said "What about clothes for me?"

If I thought the market for women's cycling clothing was limited, the market for kid's triathlon suits was something else! Where was the fun, the joy, the colour?

It was here I knew that women's cycling wear had to be put on pause and I had to make clothes for girls like my Charlee, to fix this gap in the market.

We wanted to create activewear that girls felt their best, brightest selves in. That fit comfortably, represented their bubbly personalities, and encouraged them to get outside and push the limits. 

Charlee was involved every step of the way, from sampling and trying on multiple outfits to get the best fit, and enjoying every moment right down to the finer details like sizing.

So you can rest assure, every item has the meticulous Charlee stamp of approval!

We hope you love the Two Daisies collection just as much as we've loved creating it. Every item is near and dear to our hearts and we hope they can accompany you on your next adventure.